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Ydonos is a first person 3D platform-puzzle game, based on the "bunnyhoping" feeling from the good old CSS maps.

It's based on the sound vibration. The player has to create sound vibration by shooting on "sound generators" around the level, to progress in his environment.

This game was created during the Global Game Jam 2017, and a bit improved since.

Our main inspirations were Portal, and Quantum Conundrum too. Thanks for cheking it out, and don't hesitate to leave a feedback ! :D


Project manager :

  • Nicolas Leal

Game & Level Designers :

  • Thomas Teply
  • Martin Defosse
  • Nicolas Leal
  • Alexandre Rogier
  • Valentin Clément

Technical Game Designers :

  • Thomas Teply
  • Martin Defosse
  • Valentin Clément

3D Artist :

  • Quentin Valenti

Sound Designer :

  • Maia Steinberg

Install instructions

Yo !

Thanks for downloading our game !

To play, please keep in mind that the YDONOS.EXE MUST remain WITH the Ydonos_Data folder.

Just launch the exe, and have fun !

Don't hesitate to leave some feedbacks, we are young developers and designers (full of love)!

See you !


Ydonos.rar 65 MB

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